Yesterday we met with FLS, Egger who will be managing the site, and Elliot Henderson, the contractors who will be felling the area lower Big Baw, lower Boner and upper Aussie Rules run through.

The good news is, that as Big Baw is a TVTA adopted track, Egger and Elliot Henderson are going to great lengths to work with us to protect it. We've agreed to mark out a corridor 10 metres wide of the track. Elliot Henderson will look at the best way to fell in that zone without damaging the track. They have also made an effort to keep the trails open as far as they safely can, and open the road at weekends.

The bad news is there will be closures, starting the week of 2nd October. Lower Big Baw, Upper Aussie Rules and Nemo will all be closed (7 days a week) for the duration of the felling. All being well, the felling should now be finished by July next year.

At some point there will be more timber lorries on the road in from the Golf Club, so we suggest you leave the ear buds at home for a while.

Elliot Henderson, Egger and FLS have been fantastic, and we're grateful that they are going out of their way to help us. Please show them the respect they deserve and help us get the felling over with as quickly as possible by respecting the closures. The trails in the felling zone are going to have debris on them, so they won't be much fun anyway.

What This Means To You As A Rider

Currently open trails that will be closed from w/c 2nd Oct:

  • Lower Big Baw
  • Upper Aussie Rules
  • Nemo
  • Fire road (Weekdays only - see below).

Trails in the same area that will be open for the duration of the works:

  • Upper Big Baw
  • Lower Aussie Rules

The fire road that runs from the Caberston Farm Entrance to the bottom of Aussie Rules will be closed Monday to Friday. That means no Feed The Pony, No Social, or No Content from the Golfie, and no access to the Golfie from Walkerburn.

Big Baw Weekend Felling Map


The area in red is only going to be closed 7 days a week,but the fire road will be open at weekends. Trails closed are Upper Aussie Rules, Lower Big Baw and Nemo. It will be possible to access to Cairn Hill (Feed The Pony etc) by road. Lower Big Baw is closed and will be impassible.

Big Baw Felling Map Weekdays


The In addition to the trails closed above, the road below Aussie Rules down to the access from Caberston Farm will be closed.

Access to Cairn Hill for Feed The Pony, No Social and No Content will only be possible by either pushing up from the farm or pedalling round the "Horse Shoe" loop from the top of Priesthope.

TVTA is a Scottish Registered Charity No: SC047179 at 28 Fernielaw Avenue, Edinburgh, EH13 0EF.
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