Thanks to DMBinS who secured £10,000 in funding from Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Borders Council LEADER, this was used to help start up the TVTA to fund initial training, tools, insurance etc. This funding was not eligible to cover ongoing costs for the charity.

We are really grateful for the ongoing support from businesses and individuals to date but we need your help to cover the costs associated with running the charity, cost of digs and to expand our work. 

We need to make the TVTA sustainable so we invite you to join us as a TVTA Supporter, however, if this is not for you, we do accept donations too.

One of the main uses for your donations will be to continue to support the charity in being able to carry out Dig Days on our adopted trails. Whilst we’ve previously been able to rely on awesome support from others, we need to factor in the costs of Dig Days to our overall charity development.

Our amazing army of volunteers obviously give their time for free, but the time and money spent to get them onto the ground and playing with mud soon racks up;

Each group on a Dig Day needs to be led by a qualified Trail Inspector and Volunteer Co-ordinator
Each leader needs to be able to deal with First Aid issues so needs to maintain Outdoors First Aid certification 
No point having the qualifications without the safety kit
We need to give them tools so they don’t use their bare hands and teeth - someone almost always breaks something
Cake and coffee. It’s not caviar and champagne, but we like to say thanks to people for giving up their time 
No-one likes paying it, but we need insurance for what we do 
Admin, website hosting costs, event fees, risk assessment platform etc. It even costs us to receive money - all needed to enable us to run the admin side of Dig Days
This equates to the cost of a typical size dig at around £445. This may sound expensive but that gets 70-100 hours of hard labour put into the trails = pretty good value.

Hopefully that helps you understand where a lot of your donations will go.

As we grow the charity and increase our rate of Digs as well as our pool of Dig Leaders, these costs will also increase - but so will the amount of lovely, cared for, woop-tastic trails!

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TVTA is a Scottish Registered Charity No: SC047179 at 28 Fernielaw Avenue, Edinburgh, EH13 0EF.
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